Case Study: Train 2.0 Online Hockey Training

Train 2.0 is an online coaching client who slashed costs by restructuring their targeting strategy. They were looking for hockey players who wanted to see improvement in their game. To get these leads to them, we altered their targeting in Google to get them better traffic. This helped get a better ROI for their ad budget. 

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Company background

Train 2.0 Online Hockey Training provides a system of progressive drills and coaching cues to teach biomechanic best practices to players looking to transform their game.

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Industry: Sport Training


happy client.

” Edwin is simply the best. He will get you the best leads for the cheapest price. And he will push your entire team to be better.

I do not recommend Edwin if you don’t want your business to grow. (Seriously, he will really grow it!) “

– Jason Yee, CEO and Founder, Train2.0 –

how we generated 10x Conversions in 60 Days.


Train2.0 was looking to generate less expensive leads and attract more customers. It’s not easy targeting hockey players specifically, so Train2.0 was spending way to much money on ads that weren’t converting. They knew they needed to find a solution in order to fill up their training courses and start turning a better profit.


We started working with Train2.0 and immediately adjusted their Google Ads strategy and targeting.  This saw great results in a short period of time, so we quickly spread to cover Facebook Ads for Train2.0 as well. Our team generated data visualizations to help identify the ideal opportunities for Train2.0 to market their product, which gave us a very transparent working relationship. We would show the Train2.0 team the new opportunities we found and they were always eager to take the next step.


Once the success started rolling in for Train2.0, we used the data from what was working to keep the success going. We were able to target based on data and reach high-intent markets at lower costs. Train2.0 saw cost per acquisition drop and gained new customers.

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