seo marketing that tops the Google charts.

To see sustainable business growth in addition to your paid advertising efforts, SEO can be used as a tool to add long-term value to your brand.

what is SEO marketing?

SEO marketing is a strategy to put your webpages at the top of google searches.

At Wise Digital we use the best SEO marketing tools to continuously improve your website.

Our objective is to generate as much return on investment as possible for your business and website. Our specialized SEO campaigns can increase the traffic to your website and your brand’s visibility. This ultimately leads to more conversions and sales.

SEO requires patience, creativity, analysis and technical work. We will create content that targets your ideal audience every step of the way

how we create a successful SEO marketing plan

Step 1: Analyze Current SEO

First, we audit your website. The goal of SEO is to improve your website to make it more visible to search engines like Google. This will improve the website’s rankings and traffic. 

Wise Digital will conduct an analysis of your website’s current SEO campaign. We will determine where visitors to your website visitors are focusing on, where they are coming from and what they specifically do on your website.

Step 2: Industry Research

We will conduct research on your competitors and their visibility on search engines. We will identify their rankings, which SEO strategies they utilize, the content on their website and the links they build. 

This will give us an idea of what is and isn’t working in your industry. Our experts will determine the opportunities available that will increase the traffic to your website and improve your ranking.

Step 3: Draft SEO Strategy

The goal is to create a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy tailored to improving your website’s rankings, generate leads, and hit your revenue goals. Our specialists will advise on how to optimize your website, create content and improve the quality of the content that is linked to your website to improve SEO. 

We will use SEO auditing, keyword research, backlink analysis, content creation, technical SEO, and competitor research to improve your website’s visibility, rankings, and traffic.

Step 4: Outstanding Content

Next, we will create content tailored to your audience’s search queries. Our goal is to make your website’s content relevant to potential customers’ search queries. Your clients’ questions need to be addressed for your website to be considered valuable.

Our high-quality content will greatly improve your website’s rankings, authority and traffic. We want your website and business to produce steady leads and a positive ROI on a long-term basis.

Step 5: Continually SEO Improvement

Our work is never done! We will monitor your website’s rankings and any changes in algorithms. We will continuously make improvements to your SEO strategies to ensure you are one step ahead of your competitors in the industry, as well as deliver fast and effective results. 

Our goal for you is long-term, sustainable growth. We strive to cultivate long-lasting relationships with our clients and support them in reaching their business goals.

See what we have already
accomplished for our clients.

bat control specialist case studies reseult - wise digital group - edwin

$250,000+ in Job Booked for Pest Control

Using Google and Bing Ads, we helped this pest control client in Toronto to increase their lead volume and generated a 1,300% return on ad spending in the first month.

easymarkit case studies - wise digital group - edwin

62% Decrease in CPA for Dental Software

The established Saas business has been having difficulty securing the leads they wanted through pay-per-click Ads. We stepped to restructure the campaign, resulting 633% increase in conversions.

train 2.0 hockey course - wise digital group - edwin

30% increase in Conversion rate for online hockey course

This hockey coach needed an increase in traffic and leads to keep up with his growth forecast. Using Google and Facebook Ads, we helped this hockey coach to 10x their leads in 60 days.

Want these sort of results for your business?

We will start with a consultation with you, study your existing marketing strategies, then map out a customized marketing framework that tailors for your online business. Request a free review of your marketing and website from our expert digital marketing team, worth $400.

We can do the same for you.

Get a loyal customer base for the long-term and become the top competitor in your vertical.

SEO Audit

We will research ways to optimize your website and fix any issues that might be holding you back or damaging to your website's authority.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research determines the search terms of potential customers that may lead to revenue.

Analytics Setup

In order for us to evaluate your website, our specialists need to ensure whether the tracking on your website works. We will, therefore, need to audit your analytics set-up.

On-page Optimization

Your website's keywords should be naturally integrated into your titles, meta descriptions, links and content. We will make sure your keywords are used appropriately and flow seamlessly in your content.

Backlink Analysis

Some links might negatively affect a site's rankings. We will analyze which links on your website do more harm than good and determine whether they should be removed.

Technical SEO

We will optimize and improve your website's indexing and crawlability. This has many benefits such as quicker page loading times and higher rankings.

Competitor Research

Your competitors' websites will also be audited by our specialists. This is to utilize any strengths or weaknesses your competitors showcase and use it to improve your website.

Content Creation

It is necessary for our specialists to edit and create content that will increase your website's rankings in your industry.