Qualified Appointments LinkedIn marketing campaigns

We fill up your calendar with appointments with your ideal prospective clients, who have a high intention to buy. Hit your monthly sales goals time after time and scale your business faster. 

what is Linkedin marketing + lead gen?

Linkedin marketing allows you to reach customers on the world's largest professional network.

LinkedIn lead generation brings your brand in direct contact with business decision makers and working professionals in your target market. We formulate custom funnels for each client that allow you to not only target and find but successfully book your ideal prospective client for a sales call. 

It may be valuable to your company if you could get a couple more targeted appointments per month, but what would it be worth if you could get appointments on demand? On average our LinkedIn marketing campaigns book 70 sales calls with qualified prospects per month!

how we create a successful Linkedin marketing campaign

Step 1: audience targeting

We will start by defining and understanding your target audience, as this will be the foundation of your lead generation campaign. This data will ultimately guide the entire LinkedIn marketing funnel to cater to your audiences preference and behaviour.

Step 2: client attraction

We then create a data-based funnel approach for your target audience. This step is crucial to the success of the campaign as different audiences need to be approached in different ways. We use an in-house formula for this approach and it leads to the client wanting to know more about your services.

Step 3: Sales System

Our team of experts will craft diverse custom message copies so that you get the most targeted leads coming to your business as possible. This allows you to focus on the people who are scheduling calls and actively want to learn more about what your business has to offer. Our messages will work seamlessly with your company’s branding to create a convincing funnel.

Step 4: calendar integration

We solve the issue of missed appointments right off the bat by integrating your LinkedIn lead generation with a reliable calendar system. With this in place, we ensures your prospects have a meeting with you in their calendar and are eagerly awaiting your call.

Step 5: Scale Up

This final step is where company growth lies. We use automation technology to cut out most of the manual tasks  needed in the prospecting process. This put’s your sales team in a position to focus on what they do best, closing leads. It puts you in a position to increase the amount of appointments you generate and scale.

See what we have already
accomplished for our clients.

bat control specialist case studies reseult - wise digital group - edwin

$250,000+ in Job Booked for Pest Control

Using Google and Bing Ads, we helped this pest control client in Toronto to increase their lead volume and generated a 1,300% return on ad spending in the first month.

easymarkit case studies - wise digital group - edwin

62% Decrease in CPA for Dental Software

The established Saas business has been having difficulty securing the leads they wanted through pay-per-click Ads. We stepped to restructure the campaign, resulting 633% increase in conversions.

train 2.0 hockey course - wise digital group - edwin

30% increase in Conversion rate for online hockey course

This hockey coach needed an increase in traffic and leads to keep up with his growth forecast. Using Google and Facebook Ads, we helped this hockey coach to 10x their leads in 60 days.

Want these sort of results for your business?

We will start with a consultation with you, study your existing marketing strategies, then map out a customized marketing framework that’s tailored to your online business. Request a free review of your marketing and website from our expert digital marketing team, worth $400.

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Get a loyal customer base for the long-term and become the top competitor in your vertical.

expert ads

Our ads top everyone else's. We search the market to see where the bar is set with your competitors and then set it higher!

landing page

We optimize our landing pages with expert marketing practices. You'll get more leads at a cheaper price.

instant confirmation

Your customers will have confidence that you are on it so they don't go to your competitors.

ad extensions

We utilize every possible ad extension option Bing has to offer so your ads have the maximum capability.

automated campaigns

Don't just get customers. Get a loyal returning client base. We keep your customers coming back for more.

audience targeting

We'll make getting leads even cheaper by only showing ads to potential customers.