Case Study: GrantMe Education Course

GrantMe, our education course client, is revolutionizing the transition from secondary school to post-secondary. They help students gain financial independence by sharing strategies to source and win scholarships. With our help, GrantMe generated 1,200% return on their ad spending in the first quarter of working together.

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Company background

GrantMe is a technology company that has the goal of eliminating student debt in Canada. Canadian students use their platform to win scholarships, get into their top-choice schools, and land high-paying jobs.

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Industry: Education


happy client.

” Within our first meeting, I immediately gained confidence that he was the right person to run our paid advertising channels. Since joining our team, Edwin has had an incredible and immediate impact.

He goes above and beyond to support us, not just with our paid advertising, but in many other areas. We have since hired him outside of paid advertising to consult on multiple areas of the company including data management. Since working with him we have seen the following:

  • CPA has decreased from $57 to $5
  • Increase 12x productivity in data management through dashboard automation
  • Our customer acquisition has increased by more than 5x in 1 Quarter “

– Madison Guy, CEO of GrantMe –

how we generated 1,200% return on ad spending in the first quarter.


GrantMe was looking to scale their business and grow in terms of getting more customers. They had a solid business model that was working for their clients, so now it was time to expand and bring their stellar service to as many students across Canada as possible. 


Our journey with GrantMe began by managing one paid media platform but soon we began managing Facebook, Google, and Bing Ads. These accounts were all new so we conducted lots of A/B testing to out-perform other competitors on the market who were more well-established on the ads platforms. Our high-quality leads grew exponentially and we developed new campaigns as GrantMe launched new products and services to meet demand from different student demographics.


We have achieved much more than GrantMe had ever expected hitting best month after best month. Their revenue has increased by 456% in one quarter alone and they have no shortage of high-intent leads for their services. They multiplied their customer acquisition by 10 and saw a 91% decrease in CPA. This means they can afford to reach more Canadian students than every before. Most importantly, GrantMe has paved the way for Canadian high school students.

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