Case Study: Cloudwaitress Online Ordering Software

CloudWaitress is an Online Ordering SaaS Software company that provides ordering systems to restaurants and white-label solutions worldwide. They began by managing their own ads campaigns but weren’t seeing the desired results. The leads were too expensive and they didn’t generate many signups. We were able to generate 2x conversions for 3+ consecutive months.

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Company background

CloudWaitress are a software company that helps restaurants take control of their online ordering with their commission-free online ordering and reservation platform.

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Industry: Restaurant System


happy client.

” Edwin has helped us to scale our business from a few hundred accounts to thousands within a few months. We quickly expanded from operating in a few countries to going global.

In addition, he provided excellent recommendations beyond his scope (being only Google initially), to help us gain more traction on Facebook as well. Edwin has driven results that have allowed us to scale our budget and deliver x2 conversions for 3+ consecutive months. Now we use more data and integrate it across all our business systems.

Having engaged with several companies in the space over the years. Edwin is hands down the best I have come across. The reporting is excellent, the expertise is obvious and his recommendations are sound.

– Christpher Timm, CEO of CloudWaitress –

how we generated 2x conversions for 3+ consecutive months.


CloudWaitress already had Google Ads in place but they just weren’t seeing the desired results. Leads were too expensive and not enough clicks were actually converting. On top of that their tracking seemed wonky and unreliable. They needed a solution to provide a solid foundation for their advertising efforts before they could even think about expanding to other markets and platforms.


Then they reached out to us and we provided some great results by optimizing their ad campaigns. We did a complete restructuring of the account and helped with the tracking in their funnel. Now that their Google Ads had undergone a makeover and they had a highly-targeted functioning funnel CloudWaitress started to see great results. 

To keep the success going our team came up with a strategy to expand to Bing Ads and to new geographic locations to conquer new markets. The key to success with CloudWaitress’ campaigns was persistence. We made remarketing display campaigns that convinced potential users over more than one impression.


CloudWaitress now proudly serves all seven continents and has gained over 10,000 account creations since starting with Wise Digital. We generated double the revenue that they had earned the previous month for more than three consecutive months! Now those are some results to write home about.

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